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  8 am - 4 pm

  8 am - 4 pm

Our School Readiness Program

We have an excellent School readiness program for children. In preparation for their next big step in life, our program focusses on routines, giving children more responsibilities and encouraging further independence.

The 3 Day group are fortunate to visit the two local schools, Terrey Hills Public School and Northern Beaches Christian School , as part of our Transition to School Program.

THPS also visit our Kindy for musical concerts and buddy up with the children. We have a school uniform dress up day and buy our morning tea from the canteen when we visit the schools.

Children in the 2 Day group will participate in a school readiness program if they are going off to school the following year.

Focus is on following children’s interests combined with intentional teaching experiences in literacy and numeracy and pre-academic school readiness activities, as guided by the EYLF. We focus on small group participation, encouraging further development of concentration, listening and attending. We work on extending language skills, problem-solving experiences, phonics, letters, sequencing, science, the fine motor skills needed for handwriting, and using technology on our Electro-board.

Our school readiness program is constantly reviewed and updated according to the children we have that year. Positive feedback from schools our children attend reflects the quality of our school readiness preparation.

It is a really exciting time for children as they prepare for school and we work towards making this an enjoyable and exciting transition.

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