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  8 am - 4 pm

  8 am - 4 pm

Benefits of Community Kindergarten

  • We are not-for-profit and any profit is reinvested to benefit your child, not paid to commercial owners or shareholders.

  • Children around the same age attend on regular days operating within the school term. Friendships between children are stable and created between children and parents as well.

  • Community Kindergartens are managed by the parents of children attending which strengthens the community investment in the service. Each parent becomes a member of the Association.

  • Community Kindergartens can make decisions that reflect their community, be responsible to their community and build connections, relationships and networks for families.

  • When your child attends a community Kindergarten, your whole family has the opportunity to get involved and meet people in your community by just being part of the attending Kindergarten events such as our Orientation Evening, Mums Morning tea, Picnic lunch, Dads BBQ night, Open day etc.

  • When your child attends a community Kindergarten you have the opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering to help with any jobs you are able to contribute, or joining the management committee.

  • We are a part of the Community and we are able to utilise all of what Terrey Hills Community offers.

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We at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten thank the Garigal people of the Eora nation for letting us share their land.

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Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten
Yulong Ave Terrey Hills NSW 2084
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  8 am - 4 pm

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