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  8 am - 4 pm


"I love the organised yet relaxed and nurturing environment that is provided for our beautiful children, families and staff. I enjoy working as part of a great team at THCK. There is a wonderful balance in our program providing activities and experiences to engage children in a practical way as well as keeping up with technology. We are really involved with the community which is very enjoyable."

Amanda (Teacher)

Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten has a number of long-serving staff members. This provides the children with an environment that is stable, allowing them to feel a sense of security through strong ongoing relationships between Educators, staff, children and families.

We believe Educators are facilitators of learning and exploration, who must work collaboratively with children, families, the community and other team members. Our Educators support children to develop positive attitudes towards learning and facilitate the development of each child toward enhanced self-esteem. The highest level of care and quality education for every single child is vital.

As well as dedication and experience, maintaining current knowledge and practice in early education is important, and achieved through a collaborative, positive work environment and by participating in professional development. Each staff member is respected and treated with equal importance, which is in turn reflected into the respectful and happy environment of the Kindy.

We are a small team and this allows us to work well towards the same goals. We participate in regular staff meetings throughout each term where we discuss individual children, our program, reflect and plan accordingly.

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Emma - Director

Early Childhood Teacher

Emma started working at THCK at the end of 2021. Emma is an Early Childhood Teachers and has a Bachelor of Teaching, Early childhood Education. Emma is the Director, Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor of the Kindy and has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 16 years. Emma loves to create a fun and educational environment for all children and loves the way that children learn and grow through their play.


Becky - 2 Day Group

Early Childhood Teacher

Becky is new to THCK in 2022 and has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 13 years. Becky is an Early Childhood Teacher and has previously worked as a Paediatric Nurse. Becky loves working in with the children and helping them to explore our Kindy environment, as they build lifelong skills.


Marnie - 2 Day and 3 Day Group


Marnie has worked at THCK for the past 4 years. Marnie has a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. Marnie is passionate about all-weather play and loves to work with the children in growing their appreciation for nature and the natural environment. Marnie loves all the opportunities the outdoor environment provides to further develop the children’s gross motor development.


Nicola - 2 Day and 3 Day Group


Nicola is new to THCK in 2022. Nicola has a Diploma of Children’s Services and has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 5 Years. Nicola loves working with the children and how honest and in the moment they are. Nicola loves to do art and craft with the children and making learning fun.



Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Office Administration

Sue has worked at THCK for the past 5 years and works in our Kindy office from Wednesday – Friday. Sue is busy answering emails and the phones and works closely with CCSA, our bookkeeping company to keep our Kindy running smoothly. Sue is a grandmother to 6 grandchildren and loves to watch the children learn and grow at kindy.


Viv - 2 Day and 3 Day Group


Vivienne has been working at THCK since 2011 and has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 11 years. Vivienne has a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Vivienne loves introducing creative art and craft styles with the children as well as interactive storytelling and music and movement. She loves watching how the children absorb and learn through their time at Kindy.


Tracey - 3 Day Group

Early Childhood Teacher

Tracey has worked at THCK for the past 13 years and has work in Early childhood Education for 41 years and is an Early Childhood Teacher. Tracey is passionate about inclusiveness, listening and engaging in all children’s interests and abilities. Every child deserves to reach their full potential through observation, empathy, patience, creativity, joy and spontaneity through play-based learning. We, as a team, love to build positive and supportive relationships with the children and their families.


Sophie - 3 Day Group

Early Childhood Teacher

Sophie is new to THCK in 2023 and has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 12 years. Sophie is both an Early Childhood and Primary School Teacher. Sophie is passionate about making learning fun through meaningful experiences and she prioritises building positive relationships with children. Sophie loves stories, literacy, music, dance and dramatic play experiences within the classroom.


We at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten thank the Garigal people of the Eora nation for letting us share their land.

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