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When it was time to look for a potential Preschool for our son, caring, nurturing and trustworthy environment was paramount for us. During the orientation day at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten (THCK) we were drawn to the atmosphere that mirrored just that. From that moment we knew that THCK will be the best “home away from home” for our child.

Mel Grsic runs the BEST Preschool and has the GREATEST staff to help her, both administration and teachers. The educators at THCK provide a very loving, nurturing, fun as well as safe environment. They have a well-balanced curriculum that help the children with becoming more confident, attain social skills and get them well equipped and ready for the “big school” (as our son likes to call it).

We are very pleased with the amount of growth our son has experienced since attending THCK and we are definitely enrolling our daughter there too. It is a fabulous, clean, welcoming and well organised Preschool situated on a quiet street and surrounded by nature.

We are highly recommending THCK as you will not find a better and safer “home away from home” for your child. Come and have a look at THCK yourself and you will fall in love with it just like we did!

Agnieszka & Robbie

This is our second year at THCK, and as a family, we couldn’t be happier. My daughter loves going to kindy, she has made beautiful friendships and equally beautiful bonds with her teachers. As a parent, I feel so comfortable when leaving my daughter for the day and know she will be well looked after and have a wide variety of activities to stimulate her.

THCK is such a warm, nurturing and special kindy with wonderful educators, and I would highly recommend it to anyone 😊

Irene & Ben

“A fantastic preschool with a great variety of activities both inside and outside for the children. The amazing staff lead by the Director Sue are so dedicated to the children and making each day a fun day of learning and creating. After 4 consecutive years with my 2 children at the Kindy it was a sad day leaving but knowing they were so well prepared for school made it so much easier. Thanks for treating my children as you would your own.”

Lisa P

“We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten to our family and friends. The staff provide such a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children with so many different play and learning experiences. The Kindy feels like one big, fun family with a real focus on each child as an individual.”

Jane D

A beautiful Kindy with genuine caring staff. It's like leaving your child with family. The children are fully prepared for school when they finish. Highly recommended.”

Paula K

“I attended THCK as a 3-year-old and now I send my son there. It's such a beautiful Kindy and he loves it.”

Alex T

“My son went through a fair bit of separation anxiety at the start of both his first and second years at Kindy. It was upsetting to me to drop him off and have to leave him crying. But the whole time the staff were wonderful - very reassuring, loving and caring and never at all dismissive of our concerns and upset. We are now at the point where my son arrives at Kindy and calls out hello to each individual staff member at the top of his voice, running to Sue’s office, stands at her door, says good morning and waits for his morning hug! He has always loved his days at Kindy but now he even loves drop-offs! A special memory of the Kindy for us is the end of year Christmas concert that the kids put on for family and friends at the end of the year. The Kindy was beautifully decorated with lots of Christmas craft and the children were all dressed up in their costumes for the concert. All the children sang a number of Christmas songs with lots of entertaining dance moves. Our son was the crocodile in one of the songs and his role was to snap the cheeky monkeys out of the tree. At the end of his “scripted” role he went over and crocodile snapped Sue! It was a funny moment for everyone in the room but nice for us to see our son so obviously comfortable to be his enthusiastic and fun-loving self with his Kindy teachers. The staff really foster individuality.”


“I had tears roll down my cheeks as I watched my very shy son perform at the Kindy Christmas concert (his first ever to an audience). He did it with a confidence we hadn’t seen before, nor expected. It was a lovely surprise to see what he had learnt and achieved away from home. And that moment set him up beautifully for school, where he now loves performing!”


“One of my most enjoyable experiences this year was when Joshie came home from Kindy one day and started to sing "5 fat sausages sizzling in a pan." This was a song I had never heard before and he taught me all of the words so we could sing it together. He then used plastic food sausages and a fry pan from our kitchen to teach his 18 month old sister so she could learn it too. It's so lovely to have him bring home his daily experiences and to see him grow and learn over the past 6 months.”


“Having stayed at home with no daycare exposure, my son now 4 is thriving at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten and we are so grateful for this. The entire staff at THCK genuinely care and want to make a difference in each child's lives and you can see and feel the love from the amazing nurturing environment that is set up for the children every day . I wish my child could stay there forever!”


We at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten thank the Garigal people of the Eora nation for letting us share their land.

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