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  8 am - 4 pm

  8 am - 4 pm

Our Daily Program

“We teach with intention, observe with reflection, and provide children with opportunities to explore and connect with their natural environment and range of resources and activities throughout their day.”

Our daily program focuses on the needs and interests of the children and values the uniqueness of every child. By tapping into the personal interests of the children, they are motivated to learn and to extend their thinking. Our daily routine is carefully planned to provide a balance of learning experiences for each child, including indoor and outdoor, quiet and active, individual, small and large group experiences. This enables us to really personalise activities and routines during the day.

The program provides opportunities to support children's intellectual, language, gross motor, social and emotional development. A play-based curriculum meets individual needs, through enquiry, exploration, problem solving and research. The Educators role is to facilitate and extend each child's interests and teach with goals in mind.

Our day at Kindy is structured, so children feel prepared and secure with what will happen in their day.

The day begins at 8am, with children and families greeted and children settled into the morning activities which is indoors or outdoors (dependent on the season). Children participate in a range of activities such as craft, puzzles, games, socio- dramatic play, construction, at the fine motor table, and mat activities. These are set up for the children before the day begins.

Around 10.15am we all pack away together and have Quiet Room time. Here we connect as a group, chat about our upcoming day, have a singalong and finger plays.

Morning tea follows around 10.40 am where we all sit together in small groups. Afterwards, they engage in play outdoors, including sand play, water play, socio-dramatic play, gross motor activities, craft, watering, digging in the garden and connecting with nature.

Group time is around 12.15pm. This time is planned by Educators based on the interests of children as part of EYLF program and can be a range of experiences such as story, music, movement, obstacle course, stories, language experiences, use of the Electroboard, a game or group experience or a science activity.

Lunch follows around 12.45pm where the children sit together in small groups. It is a lovely time for eating and social chatter. Undercover play follows lunch.

Then rest time is around 1.45pm. Children rest on a individual futon style mattresses, listening to music and stories or reading books, while some children may sleep during this time.

2.45pm children pack up their sheets and beds and we have news time in the Quiet Room. And afternoon fruit snack is served, and children are engaged in activities such as singing, dancing, puzzles and stories until they are gradually all picked up for home time.

4pm - Kindy closes

  • Children are toileted and wash their hands progressively throughout transition times during the day and prior to eating.
  • Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and at mealtime. This is carefully monitored by Educators.
  • We encourage our children to be actively involved in helping with packing up activities during transition times.

We at Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten thank the Garigal people of the Eora nation for letting us share their land.

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  8 am - 4 pm

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